Introducing Sunnies Energy Bite

As consumers continue to evolve with the healthy eating trend, so does Fresh Energy. Fresh Energy is proud to present the world with its brand new product, Sunnies Energy Bites. Made up of raw and natural ingredients, Sunnies is the perfect snack for people that need energy throughout the day and are also health-conscious. Sunnies uses a variety of healthy ingredients in our date paste that surrounds a sunflower seed butter core.

Sunnies is full of proteins, fibers, vitamins, and naturally occurring sugars from our natural ingredients: Bing cherries, cocoa nibs, pepitas, sunflower seed butter, coconut, date paste, Himalayan pink salt, and vanilla extract.

From supporting muscle function to regulating blood sugar levels, Sunnies Energy Bites are one of the best, nutrient-dense snacks to be had.

Sunnies is for every child that needs a healthy snack. For every athlete that is fueling for their next competition. For every person on the go.

Sunnies will be available to purchase on our online store by March 25th, 2022